Blue Flower

The casts are produced for the machine-building and structure-building industries, for the production of cranes as well as details ensuring explosive-protected areas. The production is mainly sold on the European and World markets.

Castings are with very good workability and density as well as hardness of the metal base corresponding to the mark iron or

Castings are cleaned on particle-streaming equipment.

As an additional service the company offers development of equipment using specifications provided by the customer as well as  the machining of parts and details.

is authorized to work with waste from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The production list includes mainly:
- Manufacture of parts for normal, tropical and explosion-proof cranes;

- Castings of responsibility machine parts, agricultural machinery and general engineering.

- Body parts for machines;

- Castings for road construction, shafts, bars, etc.;

- Cast iron for
heating devices / fireplaces and heaters / with solid fuel;